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Taking Better Care November 19, 2008

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I’m horrible for this.

I always take care of myself last. There’s no way I’d give the girls just a bowl of noodles and sauce for lunch, for example.  I’d slice up some fruit or veggies to go with it.  I’d do the same for Jordan too.  But for me? I’d eat that bowl of noodles and not bother to make it a rounded meal.

Or when someone in my family is sick, I insist they take it easy, drink a lot of fluids, up their vitamin c, drink tea while snuggling on the couch with a movie, a dab of eucalyptus oil on their collar.  But do I do the same? Rarely.  Same goes for our vitamins and supplements.  I never forget to give the girls their vitamins in the morning but can hardly ever remember to take my own.

I’ve decided that it’s time I started taking better care of myself and then, in turn, be able to keep giving and caring for my family.  It may seem minor but I think all the small things add up.  I want to try to do something I enjoy every day, I want to be sleeping before 10 every night, take all my supplements and my medication, I want to slice veggies for myself, darn it! I am also going to give pilates a try. So those, among a few other things, are what I plan to work on in these next few weeks.

I’ve been feeling like junk for over a month now.  I called about two weeks ago to get into my naturopath and I got the soonest appointment available, January 9th.  I e-mailed her a few days later to give her an update on my thyroid condition and after hearing about it, she said she wanted to see me ASAP.  I go in tomorrow. I’m hoping that together we can find solutions to help me feel my best again.  Because it has been oh so long.


Eat it June 19, 2008

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That’s what I want to do.  Eat.  Whatever I want, whenever I want.

But, I still want to lose another 10 lbs.

So, it looks like I will unfortunately have to start exercising.  I’m not inactive. I play with the kids, take long walks pushing the stroller, swimming, yard work, etc.  I can’t remember the last time I broke a sweat though.

I have convinced Jordan to start running with me.  I’m actually excited for it! I read a book that outlines a 13 week program, we invested in a double running stroller and we are set to go as soon as I get myself some proper runners.

I’ve wanted to start running for awhile.  I ran a bit in highschool and I attempted to start up again a few years ago and even went out to buy fancy running shoes.  But now with Jordan doing it with me, I really think we’ll be successful.  My excuse was always lack of time or what do we do with the kids but those problems are solved with the double running stroller we got.

I’m pretty much sick of watching what I eat.  I can focus on eating healthy and in moderation and forget about point tracking, calorie counting and so on.   I know this will likely result in slower weight loss but I’m o.k. with that.  Slow and steady wins the race right?   I look forward to getting active, losing a few pounds, feeling healthy and fit.

Wish us luck.


An All Around Update January 25, 2008

We’ve made quite a bit of progress this month with our goals.  Jordan and I are both feeling pretty proud of ourselves.

The most exciting thing in my opinion was that we got some stuff organized.  It felt wonderful! Isn’t it funny how something like a neatly organized closet can uplift your spirit.  Jordan worked hard tidying up our the closet in our front porch.  We went out and bought a little shelf for in there to help us keep it tidy.  It looks great! We even bought little hooks so Abby can now come in and hang up her own jacket, put her boots away and tuck her mitts and scarf into her little drawer.   I also went through the linen closet and got that all organized.  It’s really our “everything closet”.  Abby’s craft supplies, towels and bedding, household cleaners, candles, etc. Again, we got some baskets and got everything looking spic and span.  I had a huge bag of stuff to take to Salvation Army too.

Regarding my energy, I got some answers this month too! After some blood work I found out that my iron is extremely low, as are my iron stores.  I’m on a good supplement prescribed by my naturopath now so I should be feeling a bit better in a few weeks.  Not only that, but for those of you who don’t know, I have thyroid disease (hypothryoid).  The normal level when blood work is done should be in between .4 and 4.5.  So, since I’m taking my medications I should be in that range.  I came in at an 11.  So my prescription has been increased.  Between the iron, the new prescription and taking some B Vitamins I’m feeling very optimistic that I will be feeling well again soon.

One area that was slightly neglected was our work on spirituality. An important one but an easy one to ignore.  We did make it out to church this month so atleast that’s a step in the right direction.

We got new Energy Star appliances this week and just love them.  Not only that, but I went grocery shopping and did a dandy job of filling the fridge and cupboards with healthy foods.  And Dad’s Cookies.  You know, the goody rings?  Too good of a deal to pass up. 

We slacked in the exercise department too.  It’s my goal to work on that one more in February.  But some how I did manage to lose 4 or 5 pounds this month without really doing anything besides making some healthier choices and avoiding the drive thru.  YAY!  15 pounds to go.

We did a few other small things around the house too, like reorganized Abby’s bedroom, stocked up on everything we’d need to do cloth diapering for the next while and switched to some healthier disposable diapers for when we are out and about, put air filters on all our vents, discovered a really cute organic grocery store and so on.  All the little things add up!

And, miracle of all miracles, it looks like our basement renovations will be done this weekend! This is very exciting as it has been consuming a lot of our time and energy.  When it’s done we can focus on doing nothing for awhile.  How sweet will that be? Very.

So that’s about it for Month One.


Checked Over January 8, 2008

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I had an appointment today with my naturopath.  She really is wonderful and I always look forward to my time with her.  It feels more like gabbing with a really knowledgeable girlfriend rather than a doctors appointment.

I told her about my goals for the year and how I wanted to start fresh with my health.  I explained to her above all else how I wanted my energy back.  Energy that’s been missing for years.  We talked about how I never ever feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning- not just post-baby but for the past 5 or 6 years atleast.  She’s given me some great tips, diet suggestions and supplements to get me going in the right direction.

Unfortunately, since I am nursing we can’t go full throttle on my adrenal fatigue but even getting some energy back in these next few months will be wonderful.  A good start.

I started one of my exercise classes tonight as well.  It’s a Deep Water Workout class done in the deep end of the pool with a floatation belt on.  It was hard.  I ached. In a good way.  I intend to work out two more times a week on my own, as a minimum.  Time to bust out some work out videos and getting sweatin’ in the basement.  It felt so good to get active again since I’ve done very little since Josephine’s arrival.  I haven’t even been walking like Abby and I did everyday for a few months because it’s too chilly here to take a little babe out for long in the stroller.

I ate well today.  I made health goals for the future and started working on some current issues with the help of my naturopath.  I exercised.  I spent time snuggling and playing with Josie. I did crafts, read books and played with paper bag puppets with Abby.  Now I get to go snuggle up for a good night’s rest next to my man.  A good day, for sure.


Fit January 3, 2008

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Another resolution is to get active.  Exercising a minimum of three times a week.  We’ve decided that atleast one of those times will be a family exercusion.  So today we headed to the swimming pool.  Our baby Josephine was grumpy before we even left and I knew deep down that today was not a good day to introduce her to swimming but we piled in the car anyway. I was right. She lasted in the pool for about 20 seconds, wailing the entire time.  I swam for 30 minutes with Abby and then Jordan swam the last 30 minutes with her while I soothed Josie and watched from the window.  Not such a success but a good attempt!

I’ve also enrolled myself in a Deep Water Workout class on Tuesday nights starting next week and am back in belly dancing as of next month.  I look forward to both!  

If anyone has any great ideas of physical activities our young family can participate in together, keeping in mind that it’s really cold outside, especially for a baby, I’d love to hear them!