A Life In Progress

About Me January 2, 2008

Welcome! I am a 25 year old girl (well, woman, I guess) in search of her true self, health, peace and happiness.  Joining me on this adventure are my husband of five years, Jordan and our two daughters, Abigail and Josephine. 


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. i just wanted you to know that i very much enjoy your posts. i am a 29 year old mom to 2, and i have to say, that it is encouraging to know that there are more people out there like my husband and i. sometimes (most days actually) my husband david and i look at eachother and ask “are WE the crazy ones?” because when we tell people what we are doing, researching or thinking of doing for the environment, family, spiritually, or health wise, they look at us like we have 2 heads!! reading your blog helps me realize that we aren’t crazy, we are just different…special…CONCERNED, and i know it’s not just us!!
    thank you for your blog. i don’t know if you get a lot of strangers reading, or commenting, but i wanted you to know that i appreciate it. especially the books that you have found useful. that’s huge for me. it’s hard to find a good book sometimes, especially about some of the things we are concerned about.
    good luck with all you hope to achieve…there are more people out there like you guys, and it’s a hard road to haul. keep at it! it’s worth it in the long run!!
    cherie michels
    niagara falls, ontario

  2. Cynthia Ha Says:

    I bought the pink solution last Aug in Costco. However, I found it is hard to prepare it (dilute and cook?) I really want to switch to the chemical free product for my house hold cleaning. Heard that Pink Solution is great – but just stop me everytime when I tried to mix it – as it is too dilute or too much (as it leaves a streak mark on floor after cleaning).

    Any suggestion or advise will be much appreciated.

    By the way, I am new to your web site, found it is very interesting…..

    Thank you!

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