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Consume, Or Not to Consume December 2, 2008

Filed under: Around the House,Going Green — jdalsin @ 8:37 pm

I’ve written before about simple living, about how we are all after the bigger, the better, leaving the good, and the big enough in a heaping pile behind us.  Driving cars that consume twice as much gas as a standard vehicles, building bigger homes (which, even if they are all energy star approved and what not, is still worse for the environment than not building), never bothering to fix what we have.  We are raised in a society where “throw it out and buy a new one” is the mentality.


And Christmas. Oh, Christmas. While I love the season, the twinkly lights, the family gathering, the gaining of five pounds from binge eating, it has become a consumer driven holiday.  Our houses get overflowed with new heaps of plastic toys for the kids, we get a new blender, a new drill.  What happens to the old toys, the old blender, the old drill? A landfill somewhere, is my guess.


So, just as a friendly little pre-holiday reminder, take 20 minutes out of your life some time this week and learn a little about where you stuff comes from and where it ends up, who it effects and if it can really go on like this forever.


Watch the video here: http://www.storyofstuff.com/


Happy Holidays!


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