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Taking Better Care November 19, 2008

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I’m horrible for this.

I always take care of myself last. There’s no way I’d give the girls just a bowl of noodles and sauce for lunch, for example.  I’d slice up some fruit or veggies to go with it.  I’d do the same for Jordan too.  But for me? I’d eat that bowl of noodles and not bother to make it a rounded meal.

Or when someone in my family is sick, I insist they take it easy, drink a lot of fluids, up their vitamin c, drink tea while snuggling on the couch with a movie, a dab of eucalyptus oil on their collar.  But do I do the same? Rarely.  Same goes for our vitamins and supplements.  I never forget to give the girls their vitamins in the morning but can hardly ever remember to take my own.

I’ve decided that it’s time I started taking better care of myself and then, in turn, be able to keep giving and caring for my family.  It may seem minor but I think all the small things add up.  I want to try to do something I enjoy every day, I want to be sleeping before 10 every night, take all my supplements and my medication, I want to slice veggies for myself, darn it! I am also going to give pilates a try. So those, among a few other things, are what I plan to work on in these next few weeks.

I’ve been feeling like junk for over a month now.  I called about two weeks ago to get into my naturopath and I got the soonest appointment available, January 9th.  I e-mailed her a few days later to give her an update on my thyroid condition and after hearing about it, she said she wanted to see me ASAP.  I go in tomorrow. I’m hoping that together we can find solutions to help me feel my best again.  Because it has been oh so long.


3 Responses to “Taking Better Care”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Funny, we’re going to the naturopath tomorrow, too.

    It is the hardest thing but maybe the most important, to look after ourselves. Keep at it!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I can tell you from experience that when you get back to health the whole world seems different. More vibrant, more exciting…
    Since my problem has been taken care of I find myself being more creative everyday. I am knitting like a mad woman (5 pairs of slippers in a few short weeks. 22 pairs if you count how many times I messed up Josie’s) a long Anastasia scarf for Athena (even had the energy to make fringe!) and now I am on to Felt Wee Folk. I have my house nearly totally organized and am looking forward to winter and all the outdoor activities! Athena got some new skates and this year I actually feel I have the energy to teach her how to skate.
    Now if I only lost my taste for Cabernet Sauvignon…
    Good luck at the Naturopath.

  3. Mrs. Wilson Says:

    I’m so sorry! I guess your problem is that you’re too selfLESS! Which is a trait that not many people possess, so it’s WONDERFUL, but yea, you do need to pay more attention to yourself! Like … a girl’s night out? YAH!! (Maybe up it to once a week? 😉 )

    I’d definitely recommend finding something you like to do EVERY DAY. Also, exercise helps a LOT. It really does. Especially if you’re alone when you do it (so that you’re not distracted).

    If you ever want to drop your girls off with me, you’re more than welcome! I’m sure Liliana would love to have another girl around – even if it’s to just go shopping for yourself for like an hour – just so you know I’m more than willing! I’m home all day anyway and your girls are so sweet.

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