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The Last Time October 3, 2008

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Looks like I’ll be sticking to posts about natural cleaners and recycling. 😉

My last post obviously stirred up some emotions in some, myself included.  I was really hurt by some of the things said because it is something I hold near and dear.  It’s odd for me because I never let  the blogging world get me down, never really care much about who says what in my comments.  But I’ve had a long, tiring week and the words that were left in the comments stung.  I hope those of you who know me, those of you who’s opinions of me I value, do know that I didn’t post in judgement.  The comments that I found hurtful weren’t ones that simply disagreed with me. I always welcome different opinions and I know that we don’t all think alike.  It was other stuff in the comments that upset me.

The one part of my post that I do think was poorly written by me was when I said something along the lines of “childbirth, done right.” I ended up going a bit of a different direction with my post and so that line was likely taken out of context.  I did not mean to suggest that there is only one right way to do it but can definitely understand why that line was taken that way. 

It was simply a post to encourage us as women to get informed and find out what is best for our bodies, what is best for our babies.  And that is all.