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Smooth as butter September 19, 2008

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This year has been a year of quite a few changes. 

Cloth diapering and back.

Pescatarianism and back and back again and back.

A few things have remained important and we have not waivered on them.


One of those things, oddly enough, is magarine.  Margarine has not entered out house is nearly 10 months. I thought it would be so hard but it has been the easiest change we’ve made so far.

I went to go see Lorna Vanderhaeghe speak years ago at the Mind, Body, Spirit Convention.  She is kind of a health guru.  After listening to her speak, taking notes, getting many ideas, she suggested everyone leave with this one piece of advice, if nothing else.  Go home and throw out your margarine.

Of all the things.  Really? That was so important.  Not stop eating chips, take a multi-vitamin, eat more fruits and veggies but throw out your margarine.  I was skeptical.  It took me a while to finally do it but I did.  We use butter for everything now.  My baking? A thousand times better.  Sauteeing veggies and fish in butter over margarine? What a difference.

Need a little encouragement to do the same? Check out this that I have copied and pasted for another website:


The Dangers of Margarine

Unlike butter, margarine has few nutritional value whatsoever. Margarine was actually developed to fatten up turkeys, but the turkeys instead died from it. Those who invested in the development of margarine obviously wanted some return on their money, so instead added yellow colouring (margarine was initially white) to make it more attractive for human consumption.

“Here are some basic truths about margarine:

  • High in trans fatty acids
  • Has the same amount of calories as butter
  • Butter (8 grams) is slightly higher in saturated fats than margarine (5 grams).
  • Triples your risk of coronary heart disease
  • Increases LDL (bad cholesterol) and decreases HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Increases risk of cancer up to five fold
  • Lowers breast milk quality
  • Decreases immune system
  • Decreases insulin response
  • Eating butter increases the amount of absorption of nutrients from other foods. The same does not apply with margarine.

And are you ready for the very SHOCKING truth about margarine? It is only 1 molecule away from being plastic! So it’s almost like melting your tupperware container and spreading it on your toast. You can confirm this by placing some margarine on a bench top and leaving it there for a few days. No ants, no mould, no flies! It does not rot, doesn’t smell and attracts no microorganisms. Nothing will live on it as it’s almost plastic!”

From: http://hubpages.com/hub/junkfood

Also, “a 1994 Harvard study found that women who consumed four or more teaspoons of margarine daily upped the risk of heart disease by 67 percent, compared with women who ate less than a teaspoon monthly.”

From Chatelaine, October 2008

And non-hydrogenated, while better than the alternative, is still junk!

So butter up your toast in the morning and use your margarine to test the above experiement in your garage. 😉


9 Responses to “Smooth as butter”

  1. Mom Says:

    That’s my girl. I have been hoping you’d do that for years. Now if my sisters and mother would comply….

  2. JessicaC Says:

    You know we did this a few years ago! I was so surprised that butter was better for you. Good job 🙂

  3. Susie Says:

    Eeeek…. I’m conformed.

  4. Tanya Says:

    That’s scary and gross. I am no longer buying margarine, but now I have to go find a butter container.

  5. angela Says:

    thank goodness for this post! i’ve never bought margarine. ( my mom used to buy these massive tubs from costco for baking when we were younger. she read something one day about 8 years ago that made her stop and she apologized profusely to us all for subjecting us to margarine). i’m always begging people to get rid of margarine. c’mon butter is natural, and if you haven’t realized, tastes a million times better. another awesome post.

  6. Tiffany Says:

    Ugh-that is horrifying. We’ve replaced margarine in our house for everything except garlic spread. Thanks for giving me the push to convert that too.

  7. angela Says:

    i wanted to add that i want to SCREAM!!! at people ( especially elderly or those responsible for the nutrition of small children/babies) who stand there humming and hawing over which margarine to buy. they are all deadly! you drink milk, well eat butter! ahhhh! i usually bite my tongue and vacate the aisle as soon as possible.



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  9. kelle Says:

    I heard about this a few years ago and to be honest was quite horrified to learn that margarine was pretty much plastic. How disgusting! I know this is going to sound like I’m contradicting myself, but I do use margarine. Being lactose intolerant, I find that with using butter, I have to take those stupid pills all the time!! However, that is just an excuse that I’ve been using. I will be converting to butter!!

    Thanks for the reminder Jen!

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