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The Cup: Diva Style September 7, 2008

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Just a fair warning, my male readers reader (Hi Mike C!) may want to tune out for this entry.  It may be too much information so read on with caution. 😉

Many of us know the dangers of using tampons.  They contain rayon to help with absorption and dioxins (a chemical used when bleaching) which are a known carcinogen. (If you want more info on this, google it.) There are also rumors that tampons cause you to bleed more and for longer and that they may even lead to cramping.  I’ve been thinking of giving tampons the boot for quite some time.

So, this past week I finally got up the courage to try out my Diva Cup. For those who don’t know, it’s a little silicone cup that you insert instead of a tampon.  Once it’s inside, it opens up, creating a tight seal and simply catches your flow.  Depending on your flow, you have to empty the cup a few times a day.  For me, 2-3 times. 

Anyway, after just one cycle, I am SOLD.  I will never go back to using tampons again.  This may be coincidence, I’m not sure, but I had no cramps this entire period. Not one.  That doesn’t happen. I always have atleast one or two days of moderate cramping and achiness.  And my period that usually lasts 7-8 days is almost gone after day 4.   Maybe those aren’t just rumors after all!

There are other benefits to the Diva Cup as well.  First of all, you can buy them locally usually for around $40 or here online for about $17.  Compare that to the cost of pads and tampons.  Say $10 a month x 12 months x 35+ years of menstrating = $4200+. 

And for those who care about the environmental aspect, think about how much trash your cycle creates using tampons and pads compared to having no garabge from the Diva Cup.  Or consider the chemicals and processes used to make a tampon that are harmful to the earth compared to the resources needed to manufacture one cup. See?  You’ll be saving the earth too.

Best part of all, I keep forgetting that I even have my period.  For real.  I’ve had a few “oh yeah!” moments which, of course, is most excellent. Even Jordan, my husband, keeps saying he’s forgotten since garbage isn’t overflowing with wrappers and I’m not complaining about cramps and backaches. 

It’s only fair that I give the downsides too. Although there are few I’ll include them so this will be a fair review.  It’s a bit tricky to get in properly at first, making sure the cup has popped open and that it’s properly positioned.  I’d recommend wearing a pad for the first cycle just until you know you’ve got it right.  Some people get it right away while others take a few cycles to really master it.  Also, this may be too much info, but it is obviously a little messier than just putting in a tampon but really isn’t that big of a bother.

I believe that Diva Cup even has a money back guarantee if you don’t love it. So try it.  I’m so glad that I did! 🙂


4 Responses to “The Cup: Diva Style”

  1. Mom Says:

    I am glad to hear you have success with it. I liked it too. You are fair when you say it is a little messier but it is so convenient. I hope Jill reads this because she only tried a few times but perhaps with your glowing review, she’ll try again. Alas, I won’t be needing mine anymore. WOO HOO!

  2. Maggie Says:

    I have one too and was so excited to try it – but I am having trouble with leaks. Any suggestions? I REALLY want to make this work.

  3. jdalsin Says:

    Hi Maggie!

    Have you tried different folds? Here is a link to a website with a few suggestions: http://community.livejournal.com/menstrual_cups/453392.html
    I personally like the “7 Fold” and “C Fold”.

    Also, are you able to spin it once inserted? I’ve heard that those spins are crucial to creating a tight seal.

    Good luck!

  4. Amanda Brown Says:

    Intriguing. Good thing I am going to be pregnant for the next 18 years so I don’t need to worry about menstruation.

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