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The Place Where You Live August 20, 2008

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately so naturally, I brought my thoughts here to share with you all.


Jordan and I sometimes toss around the idea of moving.  Although Summerland is our ideal dream (because although a fairly wealthy town, I think it does fall under the catergory of what I’m describing below), these moves I’m going to refer to are local ones. While we like our house and some of our neighbours, this isn’t the area I’d like to raise my kids in.  I don’t know why.  It’s just a typical middle class neighbourhood. And I definitely HATE living on street that we do.  Too busy.

We always keep our eye on the market and houses that pop up for sale in a certain subdivision here called ‘Cathedral’.  It’s an old, old, area.  With Elm trees that reach over the streets, meeting the middle.  The houses are all character homes from the early nineteen hundreds. But the neighbourhood is bursting with character.  You’ll find more people wearing flowy skirts and dread locks than brand name clothing.   More people sitting on corner cafes talking to each other instead of on cell phones.  Many people in the neighbourhood don’t even own a vehicle but rely on their feet and public transportation and do this by choice.  The neighbourhood has a butcher, a bakery, cute little shops selling clothing, specialty teas and a few doctors and dentists.  Children are outside running! and playing! instead of sitting around texting each other.  On one corner you’ll see a wealthy family in their home and on the other, someone picking through a dumpster for leftover.  An artsy community, often throwing street fairs to sell their creations. Completely my cup of tea.  I’m a bit of a hippe at heart.  It’s diverse, for sure.  But I want my kids to see that. There are a variety of people with a variety of incomes but everyone there seems to have the same ideals. All like minded. O.k. not everyone. Just everyone I know who lives there. I’d love to live in a neighbourhood like that.

Some thinks it’s odd that I wouldn’t be dying to send my kids to one of the schools in a wealthy neighbourhood.  I really want them to go to school with kids who don’t get everything they want, who don’t all have cell phones by grade 6 and who have a little appreciation and respect for the people, the things, the nature around them.

I’m dreaming … I know.  I don’t think there are many of those kids that exist anymore and definitely not a whole school full of them.

And then sometimes Jordan and I dream of buying a place out of town.  Some place close enough to commute to work but just far enough away that it feels like we are out in the country.  A big garden that will hopefully help turn my black thumb green, a clothesline, a big yellow school bus trekking down gravel roads to pick up the girls and take them to their little school with small class rooms.

After typing this I just realized the common trend.  The key to what I’m looking for. Simplicity. A simple life. Something a little more ‘back to basics’.

Anyone know where or how I can find that without joining a religious colony?


4 Responses to “The Place Where You Live”

  1. Amanda Brown Says:

    I think that Summerland has the perfect mix of the things you’re searching for: a small-town, rural feel with weekly markets in the park and a mild climate that’s perfect for growing food, plus the local recreation options that don’t cost a dime: the beaches, the parks, the trails.
    Also, one other benefit: ME.

    I totally hear you on this post though. There’s a new little house that was just built on the end of Giant’s Head road and it’s small and quaint with a little yard and everytime I drive past it I think, “If we lived there, all our problems would be solved. Steve would have more time and less stress, things would be more manageable.”
    But would they? I don’t know. It’s fun to dream, though.

  2. Amanda Franks Says:

    I think you can find that right in your own backyard. You can create simplicity and introduce all those things to the girls without having to live in a certain place. And once you live in a different place the grass usually seems to look greener somewhere else. But, I hear the heart of what you’re saying too. Out here there are a lot of ‘lines’ and ‘sideroads’. You don’t live on a farm, but you feel like you do. Totally close enough to still have people over for an evening without having them be overnight guests. I’m totally a city girl at heart, but lately have been hoping we can end up somewhere more like that one day. The bride in the wedding Belle was just in lives on one of the sideroads around here, and it’s so peaceful when we go there for BBQ’s or what not. Her mom described it as an abscence of anxiousness, because you don’t hear things like ambulances or squealing brakes. Okay, I’m going to stop talking now, wow that was a long comment….sorry……..

  3. Kaili Says:

    I agree with Amanda! You’ll find what you want HERE! Haha!
    I want to see this neighborhood you speak of there, sounds great!

  4. Susie Says:

    I know lots of people love the town of summer, LOL, and Dana and I do too. But we find it incredibly busy, full of things to do, people to see, just as many cell phones as anywhere else, and designer labels adorning clothing too. I don’t think you can ever escape it, but home is what you make it. That may sound weird coming from us, who are moving for the third time in one year in search of that home. But we truly felt like Regina was the ‘simple life’ for us. I loved not knowing anyone for a few months. It was hard, but it allowed myself to really try and find myself. Once we got settled, we fell in love with the city, the prairies, and the people. We spend more time as a couple and just as a family. Went for walks, to the park, all over… but it felt alot more slower pace. For us, Regina is our little chunk of paradise. I LOVE Cathedral too and would love to restore an old character home. I LOVED our old neighbourhood too. And I share that country dream too. I would love to drive down a long dirt driveway to a little house hidden away from the world, where the kids could fun free through the wheat and swind from a tire swing. Wearing homemade clothes, and eating home made peach pies (maybe would have to be Saskatoon Berry). That would be my ultimate.

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