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Eat it June 19, 2008

Filed under: Exercise,Weight Loss — jdalsin @ 2:10 pm

That’s what I want to do.  Eat.  Whatever I want, whenever I want.

But, I still want to lose another 10 lbs.

So, it looks like I will unfortunately have to start exercising.  I’m not inactive. I play with the kids, take long walks pushing the stroller, swimming, yard work, etc.  I can’t remember the last time I broke a sweat though.

I have convinced Jordan to start running with me.  I’m actually excited for it! I read a book that outlines a 13 week program, we invested in a double running stroller and we are set to go as soon as I get myself some proper runners.

I’ve wanted to start running for awhile.  I ran a bit in highschool and I attempted to start up again a few years ago and even went out to buy fancy running shoes.  But now with Jordan doing it with me, I really think we’ll be successful.  My excuse was always lack of time or what do we do with the kids but those problems are solved with the double running stroller we got.

I’m pretty much sick of watching what I eat.  I can focus on eating healthy and in moderation and forget about point tracking, calorie counting and so on.   I know this will likely result in slower weight loss but I’m o.k. with that.  Slow and steady wins the race right?   I look forward to getting active, losing a few pounds, feeling healthy and fit.

Wish us luck.


4 Responses to “Eat it”

  1. mybloggylife Says:

    Good luck, then!

  2. Amanda Brown Says:

    Good for you. Once I push this baby out, I think I’ll hop on the running bandwagon again too. Get the jelly shakin’, so to speak. You’ll do great.

  3. Linda Says:

    Good luck Jen! I need to get back into it too…I love food too much…it doesn’t help that my favorite past time is watching the foodnetwork. ;o)

  4. Mike C Says:

    Hey Jen,
    This isn’t a comment for your most recent post, but I hope that’s ok. It was in regard to the one about the two products you love. We are now using Ecos and I really like it. The other one, though, we’re going to buy I hope next weekend. Anyway, I’m just wondering… I’ve been invited to a Norwex party. What do you think about that stuff? (as compared to the pink solution, that is) And also, while I have you, I’m wondering… would you still wash Josie’s clothes with a baby detergent… like snow or so soft or whatever it’s called… you know… for when they’re first born. Or would you just use the ecos because it’s gentle?

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