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Immunization Talk June 4, 2008

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I’ve made some decisions about immunizations for my girls that I am feeling quite good about.  For those of you who are also trying to make that big decision, I thought this website might provide some eye opening information.


Do check it out. Some startling stats there!


I also found this book extremely helpful and honest.  Listed all the pros and cons.  It wasn’t written by a doctor who thinks that immunizations are cruicial, but it wasn’t written by a mom who’s sure her son’s autism is linked to vaccinations.  A good middle ground.


It’s called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations by S. Cave:



4 Responses to “Immunization Talk”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Informed choices are always the best. Thanks again for giving me those “antidote meds” for the immunizations Athena already got. Hopefully they will be effective in erasing the negative effects.

  2. Bonni Says:

    I posted my take on this debate today. I think that those who opt-out are relying too heavily on the herd protection – if everyone else is vaccinated, by default you would be protected. This is dangerous thinking.

    So is pre-vaccine quarantine should an outbreak occur – and be detected in time.

    You never did say what you decided for your girls.

    Here’s the article in case you are interested.



  3. Kaili Says:

    When we got our blood done, the guys could tell who was immunized and who wasn’t. And who’s systems were stronger. The NON immunized ones WON!

  4. Linda Says:

    I just finished my own blog on vax! Its a tough decsion for sure. I’m so glad you’ve done your research. It makes me so wary for those who just do the ‘suppose to’ and never question. :o(

    Big hugs Jen!

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