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Back May 30, 2008

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So, we are back to where we were a few week ago.  Not eating meat.  We tried two or three times and just couldn’t do it.


And then there was Abby.  She refused. She looked at us like we were evil, horrible people as we ate our meat, our own stomachs turning.


She had a few bites of a burger.  When I told her it was meat she dropped the burger, eyes widened and shouted “What? Why would you give this to me. You know I’m still a veggietarian!”


The other night I made vegetarian black bean burgers. She opened the bun and examined it. 


“Is this meat?”


“No, Abby.  It’s a bean burger.”


“Then what’s this part right here?”


“That’s a piece of black bean.”


“I’m still a veggietarian, right Mom?”



We feel very good about our decision to stick with it.  I think it was good for us to go back for a short while though, because now we know that we don’t want it, even if we could have it.  Gave us the renewal we needed to keep going and make it through our first meatless grilling season.


So thanks Abby.  You got us back where we wanted to be. 🙂


One Response to “Back”

  1. mybloggylife Says:

    She’s so cute!!

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