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The Scientists are Catching Up to the Hippies April 21, 2008

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With all this talk of BPAs in baby bottles, a friend of mine said something along the lines of “finally, the scientists are catching up to the hippies.” I thought it was hilarious and so true! I’ve been telling people, literally for YEARS, about the dangers of plastics and no one did a thing.  But now someone on t.v. says it and everyone is all gung-ho.  I find this both hilarious and well, honeslty, annoying.  Did they think I was lying?  😉

Anyway- for all those who are suddenly interested in the BPA stuff, know that it’s not only in baby bottles but everywhere.  It lines tin cans, water bottles, dental sealants, compact discs.  No, I’m not lying. Yes, soon it will be on t.v. and you’ll all be up in arms trying to rid your house of the stuff and wondering why no one told you before.  haha.  Anyway …

Here’s an article I thought some of you may enjoy and might as well take action on while you are ridding your house of plastic bottles. Might as well take a closer look at your kids’ toys, what’s around your house, etc.:




6 Responses to “The Scientists are Catching Up to the Hippies”

  1. Michelle Says:

    So true, so true. Same thing happened with my family years back. Everyone thought I was a nut because I wouldn’t eat hydrogenated oils. Lo and behold, “the scientists are finally catching up with the hippies”. Yes, I consider myself somewhat of a hippie but then again, you are too. You know what they say, “birds of a feather…”

  2. mybloggylife Says:

    Sometimes it just takes people something different to catch on, Jen. It’s good that we are now understanding the harms, and that society is now seeing the truth. And it’s great for you that you already knew about it.

  3. jdalsin Says:

    I understand that Elizabeth. It’s just discouraging for me to be doing this blog, who’s purpose is to catalogue my journey and help others with theirs and seeing that it’s not effective.

    It is great that everyone is finally aware. That’s for sure.

  4. Kaili Says:

    I hear ya!!! This is SO me too! It kinda drives me nuts, so many people I know are coming up to me NOW that they have seen it on tv and such. Frig people, what did you think I was nuts? Surely you did!
    I believe you Jen! Haha!
    People don’t listen till it’s a warning on tv. Thing is what do the people on tv know…..hmmmm….who is paying them and on and on the circle goes….Haha!

  5. mybloggylife Says:

    Well, change in little bits. You’ve helped to get me to cloth diaper, so that’s a positive influence you’ve had. Also, you gave me the recipe for wipes… so, even if it’s just little old me – you are having a positive influence.
    I totally know what you are saying, Kaili… that bugs me about tv.

  6. Linda Says:

    Finally, I looked into this! I’m so glad you told me about your blog here Jen. Love you!

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