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Do Over – Toy Edition April 4, 2008

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I wish I could empty every room in my house and start again.  Only bring in things that a) I love and b) are safe and healthy for my family.

This is especially true of our girls’ playroom.  It looks like a plastic rainbow burst in there.  It’s a disaster, 99% of it is plastic and I’m sure some if it is coated in lead paint.  I try to keep up with the recalls but with a new one every week, it’s hard to ensure that every toy your little ones are playing with are truly safe.

I can’t afford a “do over” but have been trying to be much more careful with what I bring into the house now.  Here are two of my most recent purchases that I adore.




I wish that I had only purchased these types of toys for the girls right from the get go.  And even though we are trying to cut back on toys, especially plastic ones and oodles of stuffed animals, we can’t control what they get for gifts. 

We did a rewards chart for Abby for the month of March to help with some behavior problems.  She got enough stickers to earn herself a new toy.  She’s known what she’s wanted since the first day of the chartt when we explained the reward chart to her.  It gets my stamp of approval!  A wooden bead set!


Anyway, I thought I would list some of my newly discovered favorite online stores in case you are looking for some great toys for your wee ones.







www.melissaanddoug.com (LOVE Melissa & Doug stuff. Available at Chapers too!)


I find that the simplest toys are the ones that have the most staying power.  The classics that kids don’t get sick of.  Abby’s current favorite toy is a wooden train set my mom got her.  She’s played with it almost daily- the first few days for HOURS – for atleast 7 or 8 months now.

I’d love to buy more locally but there isn’t much demand for wood, basic toys so it’s hard to get a hold of around here. 

Happy Shopping!


6 Responses to “Do Over – Toy Edition”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I’m in the same wooden boat that you are. I would like to dump all the plastic toys too. May I suggest Lincoln Logs. Also, glad that Abby still plays with the train set. I wish I would have bought one for Athena.

  2. Lisa R. Says:

    It’s almost ridiculous how many toys kids get, isn’t it? I said to Ryan we should not buy Ty any birthday presents in November and just re-wrap some of his Christmas gifts from 2007.

    Thanks for the toy sites. I should email you some of my faves. Plan Toys make a lot of wooden toys, and Ty received a wooden rattle for Christmas.

  3. beth Says:

    how do you know that the bead set (made in china) is not painted with lead paint?

  4. jdalsin Says:

    Here is a quote from some research done on their products: Thanks for asking, Beth.

    “Melissa and Doug Toys are free of all toxins and lead based paint.

    Melissa & Doug have 6 children themselves, and are very dilegent about the safety of every toy they produce. All of the M&D toys are made in China. After the toys are made according to M&D strict standards they are inspected in the Chinese facilities by M&D employees from the United States (this is very important to remember– M&D DO NOT OUTSOURCE the testing of lead based paints and toxins in toys to a 3rd party or to the manufacturer of the toys, they have a team of employees from the US in China full time to do all the actual testing)

    Once the toys are brought to the M&D warehouse in Connecticut from China they are tested again (which is not required) by a different set of M&D employees to make sure nothing was contaminated during the shipping process. After 2 stringent quality control procedures the toys are released to stores. “

  5. beth Says:

    very cool, i supose i could have researched that one myself –
    Anyway, thanks for all the great tips and advice.
    you are inspiring!

  6. Amanda Says:

    We have bought ONE toy for Avelyn (a little walker/pusher thing when she was about 10 months old) and that’s it. Yet our toy baskets are filled to the brim and overflowing with random plastic goodies that I hate looking at. Every few months I do a purge and move the stuff she doesn’t play with to a room downstairs but I haven’t tossed it yet, mainly because the local Thrift Store refuses to take baby toys anymore after all the recall hoopla last year.
    It’s crazy.
    I would love to have more wooden, safe, and handmade toys but the money thing keeps me from them. Good post, though, Miss Life in Progress. You make me feel like Miss Progress Is Stunted. 🙂

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