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To do or not to do? March 26, 2008

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I don’t know a single parent who enjoys “immunization day”.  I certainly don’t.  In fact, every time I took Abby to get a shot I was so sick to my stomach.  I once even left the clinic with sympathy pains in my arm, in the spot where she got her shot.  A little dramatic, I know.   But I hated it. 

Josie is 6 months old and I haven’t taken her for any shots yet.  I made an appointment just before Christmas and cancelled it because I was pretty sure I might have heard her cough once.  Ya.  I search for excuses not to go. After I cancelled that appointment I decided to delay her shots until she was alteast 6 months. 

I’ve read websites like this one and I want to puke.  I don’t want my girls injected with “human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue” or this list of chemicals/metals found in ONE shot “formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, thimerosal, and polysorbate 80”.  Yikes. That is information from an American site and I’ve heard that Canadian immunizations are a bit cleaner but again I will say YIKES!

Then there’s that whole ‘immunizations cause autism’ debate.  I never used to believe there was much truth to that but the CDC just ruled that an immunization did definitely cause austim in a girl from the U.S.  Watch the news clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV2WVbXEFWY

Anyway- I believe in trusting your intution and definitely don’t regret putting off Josie’s immunizations for now.  I plan to start them in the next few months after I talk with my naturopath.

I’ve tried researching it online and everything I’ve read is so biased. Written by a doctor who thinks immunizations are crucial or by a parent who believes their little boy got autism after his last set of shots.  I’ve yet to find anything that I feel is trustworthy out there.

What is your opinion/feeling on immunizations? Are your children immunized?  I’m interested in hearing everyone’s viewpoints.


7 Responses to “To do or not to do?”

  1. Susie Says:

    Oh Jen… the stories I could share with you. I have always been like ‘Of course you get your kid immunized’ until I met Dana (who is not). When we got pregnant with Kynan I started researching immunizations and what the benefits are and are not. There are very many bias reports out there, with a growing number of studies indicating more and more startling facts about immunizations. Our world is changing, we are becoming more informed in every part of our lives. I have an amazing book written by a pedetrician that actually talks about immunizations, why they are recommended, who endorses them, and all the ‘bad stuff’ about them. I love it because he wrote the book after having a number of his own patients refuse the vaccines and decided to do his own research. The main contraversal ingredient, aluminum, is only found in certain vaccines. While aluminum is found naturally in alot of foods & water, when digested it is not absorbed into the system (according to one study). But when injected right into blood stream can be toxic and lead to illness or even death. On top of that it hasn’t been firmly decided what is the safe dose of aluminum for infants. Most of the books I have read don’t write off vaccines altogether, but recommend asking for aluminum free vaccines or waiting until your child is at least 3. Dana and I, for now, have decided no immunizations for our child. While that means we have to be cautious- when kids are sick we stay at home and when we hear of outbreaks we are extra cautious- we also have learned ways to boast their immunity naturally. I’ll give you some of the articles I have, but my book is back in Summerland. I will get Carleen to mail it to you if you like. I found it very helpful (and an easy read).

  2. Melanie Says:

    Hello… I have been reading your blog for a while and I really like it. I have made all the transitions you are making years ago and I have had great memories reading your decision making! We live organically in a beautiful town in Australia, luckily for us our life decisions are the majority which is very supporting and great for all. The diet of our children, the experiences we bring them, the way we clean etc. Another part of this is that a large percentage of our town does not vaccinate their children. I researched this for over 2 years before I could feel like I made an informed decision. My first daughter has asthma which is linked to vaccination, she only got the first few shots down before we stopped. My second daughter is not immunized at all. I did what you did, I waited until 6 months, then 12 etc I just set goals that were little and every time we got there, I would shift it ahead. The reason they immunize under 2 is because they are more likey to get these ‘diseases’ under 2. So when we made it to 2, there was no need to shift the goal posts any longer. And I can say that this child is so much healthier and more robust! Two of the major points that made my decision for me were… the fact that Japan had their children immunized over 2, and when they changed it to new babies, the SIDS rate went through the roof, this also happened in another country (which at this moment has slipped my mind) THis has been backed up by an Australia Doctor, who says that the baby can go into a coma like state for up to 30days after immunization, and this was supported by the fact that babies who die of SIDS are usually very close to immunization.
    The other point that really hit me was that the shots are not based on weight, so you and I would get the same amount as our darling babies, this is outrageous!
    I am not for telling people what to do, each parent makes the best decision for their children, I am for making sure that is an informed decision, as decision based on what a Dr says, or what an article against immunization is not informed, do as you have done research it and see how it sits with you, intuition is an incredible thing and can only grow by you following that!
    I really admire the way you do this….. your girls are blessed!
    Take Care,

    PS- the school post on your other blog, requires another long comment… I shall save taht for another day, I just went through that sending my baby off this year!!! Have you got any Steiner/Waldorf schools??? They are amazing!

  3. Michelle Says:

    Of course you and your sisters are immunized. They didn’t even give us any information pages to read until it was Jill’s turn. That was one scary day for me, yet, I followed along like a lamb to the slaughter. Athena is due for an immunization any time now but I seriously doubt I will get it done. As for the HPV vaccine for older girls, NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

  4. Christin Says:

    Would you rather your child die of whooping cough or cervical cancer?

    I am all for having the RIGHT TO CHOOSE (anything and everything)… but I also happen to KNOW that several infants in our area have died because of exposure to pertussis. Adults and adolescents CAN get whooping cough (pertussis) and not even know they have it. It can be passed on to infants who haven’t received their first set of shots yet (usually before 2 months of age).

    Just think of the diseases that you can PROTECT your child against too.

    That’s all I’m saying.

    I hope you and your children stay healthy!

  5. Mike C Says:

    I agree, there are a lot of scary issues surrounding vaccinations, but as far I am concerned, how can you *PROVE* that kid gets athsma/autism directly from a vaccination? Our world, homes and bodies are filled with chemicals, how can we say with 100% confidence that the injection caused something, when one lives downwind from IPSCO or a crude oil refinery?

    A point that I think is usually forgotten from this discussion is that vaccinations and modern medicine have RADICALLY changed our world for the better. Before vaccinations, kids DIED and were horribly disfigured from diseases that are essentially wiped out today. True, if you don’t vaccinate your kids, they are likely safe as most everyone else is vaccinated. However, imagine a world were 50% of kids get vaccinated, and 50% don’t and something like Polio makes a MAJOR re-emergence. Wouldn’t we all feel stupid? We were afraid of a POTENTIAL link to a illness that we do not fully understand, and instead put our kids at great risk to serious illness and death.

    Don’t get me wrong, we should question what we inject our kids with, we should try to make things as safe as possible and we should seek out alternatives. However, lets keep in mind what the real consequences are of the alternatives

  6. Kaili Says:

    I’m not immunized, neither are my siblings. Jaia isn’t. Robin wishes he wasn’t. I am SO happy I am not. I know people who immunized their first child, then got more informed after that and didn’t for the rest of their children. The children who AREN’T immunized are way healthier! If a cold/flu is going around, the children who ARE immunized get it WAY worse and LONGER!
    I don’t stay away from people who are sick cause I’m not immunized. I don’t feel I am at any disadvantage, I feel the opposite. Our body knows what to do, more than we could ever grasp. Also we believe that our emotions, along with so many other factors play a roll in our health. Since when is injecting some stuff that someone has create into our bodies a good idea?
    It down plays the power of ourselves as a whole.
    Good luck with this one, I think it would be super interesting for you and Jordan if you don’t immunize Josie and see the difference in A and J’s health.
    I always look at who is tell you you SHOULD get your babies shots? Are they making money from it? Why is it “forced” on everyone with people stating it’s “protecting” your baby. Well what parent wouldn’t want to protect their child? It’s all about the marketing to make money, in my opinion!

  7. Tannis Says:

    This debate is always a rager. I also had a really hard time getting any info that wasn’t ridiculously biased. I worked for a chiropractor for years and was immersed in the immunization fear ethos. I tried to ask my Dr. for his version of things and he didn’t even know the vaccination schedule! I talked to public health nurses that didn’t know some of the info in the vaccine inserts. I also talked to some fantastic ones who were very open about their biases and understanding of my concerns.

    Eventually after long debates, endless research and much agonizing I decided to do selective vaccination. I started Ivy quite late and refused some of them. To some degree I’ve done the same with all of the kids. I would say that so far they’re at least as healthy as any peers and often don’t get things as bad. Of course we’ll never know what role (if any) shots might have played if they develop allergies, asthma or other autoimmune issues.

    I will probably always have reservations about the choices we made but in the end it was the option I was more comfortable with. It was known small risk of diseases vs. the unknown of potential, largely unsubstantiated side effects. I understand both sides of this one and find that I can support either decision as long as it’s been an informed choice. Good luck finding your place in this one!

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