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Foodies February 25, 2008

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We reconsidered.  And as of today we’ve decided to try out a pescetarian (basically a vegetarian that eats seafood) lifestyle.  We are excited about the changes and I really don’t think it’s going to be that difficult since we already have quite a bit of seafood in our diets.  We are going to try our best to stick to it this month but we may consider eating chicken if we are starving, sick of fish, etc.  😉


#1 – The main reason is to improve our health.  Meat contains hormones, antibiotics, toxins, etc.  Plus, and this is a very general statement, you really can’t go too unhealthy with a pescetarian diet.  Of course you can.  But what I’m trying to say is if you go to a restaurant, for example, the vegetarian and seafood dishes are generally healthier/leaner than anything containing meat- burgers, chicken fingers, etc.

#2- I’ve been a little grossed out lately.  Ground beef being the main source of my turning stomach.

#3- Animals that are raised to be eaten are treated pretty cruelly.  Search YouTube for a video called Meet Your Meat and you’ll see what I mean. 

Those reasons are listed in order.  Health.  What I can stomach lately and last, those poor little animals.  Many of you may gasp is disgust at me but I’m not an animal lover.  I can’t imagine that we’ll ever own a pet even.  While I don’t like seeing an animal being mistreated, I am by no means an animal rights activist.

I ran the idea past Abby.  Our conversation was hilarious.  It went like this:

“Abby, starting next week we aren’t going to be eating meat any more.”

Starts whimpering and whining (which is pretty typical these days): “But I LOVE meat.”

“What? I don’t think that you do.  You hardly ever eat your meat at dinner.”

“Well …. I love meatballs.”

“We aren’t going to eat meatballs on our spaghetti anymore.”

In a really loud shrieky voice: “Yes I AM going to eat meatballs.”

I glance in the rearview mirror as I prepare to break the news to her that I’m sure will win her over.

“Abby? Do you know what meatballs are made of?”

“Yes. Meat.”

“Do you know that meatballs are made out of cows?”

A look of pure horror covers her face.

“Are you just kidding?”


“Meatballs are made of dead cows.”  (Gross, I know.  But it’s true.)

“I don’t want to eat dead animals …. but …. I really love meatballs.”

“What if Mommy makes you meatballs that don’t have cows in them?”

“O.K.! You will make me special meatballs?”

“For sure! We are going to try all sorts of new foods.”

“O.k. I won’t eat meat with you any more.  That’s gross.”

Then I reached into the backseat and we did a high five.  😉

In other food news, we’ve discovered a few yummy food finds that I wanted to share here. Pick them up from the store if you are looking for something new and/or a healthier alternative to what you may be using at home.

HealthyWay Organic Sprouted Grain Bread & Tortillas- YUM! Check out the benefits of sprouted grains here: http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/article/Benefits_Sprouted_Grains

Steel cut oats for breakfast.  Takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare.  Really tasty with a sprinkle of brown sugar.

We’ve been trying to phase out the peanut butter and bring in the almond butter.  It’s great on the above mentioned sprouted grain bread.

We picked up a jug of organic milk. Truth be told, I don’t really like the taste all that much. Not sure if we’ll continue with that one.  Plus it’s pricey.  A 2L of regular milk costs $1.89 at the store we shop at.  The same size organic milk costed us $4.98.

I’ve got a crying little girl upstairs so I have to run!


2 Responses to “Foodies”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Some good ideas you shared. Sounds like a wonderfully healthy diet for you all.

  2. Miriam Says:

    Oooh! Where did you get your steel cut oats?

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