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Checked Over January 8, 2008

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I had an appointment today with my naturopath.  She really is wonderful and I always look forward to my time with her.  It feels more like gabbing with a really knowledgeable girlfriend rather than a doctors appointment.

I told her about my goals for the year and how I wanted to start fresh with my health.  I explained to her above all else how I wanted my energy back.  Energy that’s been missing for years.  We talked about how I never ever feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning- not just post-baby but for the past 5 or 6 years atleast.  She’s given me some great tips, diet suggestions and supplements to get me going in the right direction.

Unfortunately, since I am nursing we can’t go full throttle on my adrenal fatigue but even getting some energy back in these next few months will be wonderful.  A good start.

I started one of my exercise classes tonight as well.  It’s a Deep Water Workout class done in the deep end of the pool with a floatation belt on.  It was hard.  I ached. In a good way.  I intend to work out two more times a week on my own, as a minimum.  Time to bust out some work out videos and getting sweatin’ in the basement.  It felt so good to get active again since I’ve done very little since Josephine’s arrival.  I haven’t even been walking like Abby and I did everyday for a few months because it’s too chilly here to take a little babe out for long in the stroller.

I ate well today.  I made health goals for the future and started working on some current issues with the help of my naturopath.  I exercised.  I spent time snuggling and playing with Josie. I did crafts, read books and played with paper bag puppets with Abby.  Now I get to go snuggle up for a good night’s rest next to my man.  A good day, for sure.


2 Responses to “Checked Over”

  1. pmpayette Says:

    Sounds like a good day to me. I am behind you all the way with your health goals. It will be good to kick this flu you have been suffering with once and for all too.

  2. Kaili Says:

    I LOVE your new blog, it’s awesome!! Now that I just read that I just really know you would LOVE going to the blood dude! You would LOVE to learn everything specific about YOUR body, it’s all tailored to you. He would go over your energy levels as mine were drained, so working out for me wouldn’t do anything, in fact make things worse, cause my body would try to take from what isn’t even there. Very interesting! We are programmed to think that exercising and being really active help us, but in some cases it harms us, while we get our bodies back on track. Sometimes we just need to be gentle. Robin was at a risk for being to active that he would fall down in an instant with a heart attack, when he thought he was helping things. Just his chemistry. He can make it better, NOW that he knows that’s what it is.
    Sorry You are probably sick on me by now I have commented on EVERY post on this new bloggy-poo, but I like it! Keep it up!

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