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A Healthy Home January 6, 2008

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One of my desires is to have a very healthy home. One free of chemicals, pollutants and dust. One full of terrific food, fresh air and happy, healthy people.

We are part way there.  I haven’t used chemical cleaners in years.  I try my darndest to buy beauty products that are free of parabens and dyes.  We try to eat well, try to crack the windows open when the temperature is right and are generally happy people.

One thing I desperately want to work on is clutter.  We aren’t collectors of anything like stamps or figurines, our walls aren’t plastered with pictures and I find our design style fairly simple. But we have so much stuff. So much that I feel weighed down by it, somehow in a physical and spiritual sense.  I want to get rid of half the stuff in the basement, get more organized with the things we do want to keep and work on only bringing items in to our home that we love.  We’ve been making frequent trips to recycling and donation bins.  We have so far to go though.

Today I did one thing that felt darn good.  I got rid of all our plastics in the kitchen (with the exception of a mixing bowl and measuring spoons) .  We had a cupboard overflowing with plastic sippy cups, plates, bowls, you name it.  I threw it all in to a bag and am glad to say it’s out of the house.  We still have Tupperware too, actually, but have been making an attempt to store things in bowls with saran for example instead of the plastic.

I’m reading a book that I am just loving called “The Healthy Home Workbook” by Kimberly Rider.  It’s just great so far.  It goes through the rooms of your house one by one giving you ideas of things you can do, some simple, some extravagant and costly, to make your home cleaner, healthier, greener.  I have gotten a lot of ideas so far! 

That’s it for today.

 Tomorrow is my weigh in day.  Hopefully I’ll have seen a little bit of progress, although it will only have been 4 days.


3 Responses to “A Healthy Home”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Fantastic work Jen. Great ideas. I wish a little bit that I would have snatched that book for myself. Anyway, I’ll get all my ideas from you from now on. I think it is time you shared your blog with your other readers. Very intersting and very informative.

  2. mybloggylife Says:

    Good for you. I’m wondering about the plastic thing… I heard that Saran is not a good choice.. just a tidbit, sorry if it’s not helpful.

  3. Kaili Says:

    We just switch all our drinking bottles from Nalgenes to Klean Kanteens. They are great. Jaia only has one plastic sippy cup for bed, cause the k.k. one leaks if it’s leaning on the top part. I don’t want him to be sleeping in a puddle.
    We use glass jars for storing food and packing Jaia’s food in if we go out. They are awesome! I think I will check out that book.

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