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Resolution January 2, 2008

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With the new year comes a new set of resolutions.  Every year I pick a few things that I’d like to work on over the year.  The list usually includes things like stop biting my nails, exercise more and eat more veggies.  I obviously never succeed because year after year my resolutions are the same.

 A few weeks ago my husband and I were driving down the highway when I asked him “Do you ever feel like you know the person you want to become but just don’t know how to get to be that way?”  That’s how I feel.  I feel like I know the person I want to be but never put in the effort to get there.  I don’t feel it’s for lack of desire, so why don’ t I ever work at it.

 This has become my New Years resolution.  Not a list of one or two bad habits I’d like to break, but rather a lifestyle change.  I want to get healthy, inside and out.  This includes exercise, a diet makeover that will include more whole and organic foods, a weight loss plan, spending more time working on my spiritual self, taking time to be me, not just a wife or a mother.  I want to do more to make the space around me clean and pure, including expanding from just recycling to reducing and reusing.  Ensuring that things that enter our home aren’t a danger to our health.  Making our home feel light in spirit.

 I feel very motivated and optimistic about the changes our family is going to make this year.  I have the support and encouragement of my husband, which is going to make things go even more smoothly.  And now I have this website to keep me accountable, to update on my progress in all the mentioned areas and to let you all get a peek into this life, my life.  A life in progress. 


2 Responses to “Resolution”

  1. Michelle Says:

    So glad you decided to start this blog. I will read it and learn from you.

  2. Kaili Says:

    I completely hear hear ya on that one, I do have a picture in my mind of who I feel inside and want to let loose, but things get in the way and I don’t put the effert in. I love this new blog idea, I will be checkin’ in on you chicki! Keep up the awesome road to better awareness, I love it!

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