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Day One January 2, 2008

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Today was the first official day of working at the resolutions.

One of the major resolutions for me is Healthy Eating & Weight Loss.   Perhaps today wasn’t the best day to start since we had some leftover pizza in the fridge that we indulged in for lunch.  We did balance it out though with Red River cereal for breakfast and a light supper of grilled vegetable paninis.  Tomorrrow we’ll do even better.

I also weighed myself this morning for the first time since my Christmas ‘I’ll-eat-what-I-want’ binge.  I was pleased to see that I had only gained a pound or so.  I am currently 2.5 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight and would like to lose 19.5 lbs in total.

A big challenge for me will be night time snacking.  Whether I’m hungry or not, a plate of nachos always seems mighty tempting in the evening.  Another area to work on will be portion control.  I find that I just eat what’s on my plate and then realize that I overate.  To avoid this, I will eat off a smaller plate, allowing for smaller serving sizes.  When the plate is done I will then decide if I need seconds or if I am satisfied at that.

 From now on Mondays will be my Weigh In day and I’ll post any losses and/or but hopefully not gains.

 That’s it for today!


One Response to “Day One”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Good luck with the healthy eating. Great idea for you and your family. Jord will have trouble giving up the potato chips I’ll bet.

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